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Minimum Order Quantity

3ply Disposable Mask Civil: 1,000

3ply Disposable Mask Surgical: 5,000

KN95: 1,000


For any special request, please call us at (213) 263-6690

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  • Our team has been devoting their time and effort helping healthcare systems by providing ideas and sourcing items locally and internationally over the past few weeks.

    We supply both individual or healthcare systems’ needs, frontline healthcare providers, clinics, nurses and doctors, city and counties and wherever masks are needed most.

    We supply any kind of MASKS

    Masks are used every day by medical professionals to provide protection against the risk of infection, but consumer demand for them spikes at various times, such as when news surfaces about the spread of viruses such as the Coronavirus.

    We supply all your masks needs, the most popular ones as below: